At Healthy Arts you will receive experienced help with your chronic pain problems... will understand why you hurt. Most often, joints that hurt are joints that move incorrectly. Improper movement patterns result in excess wear, tear and pain. The whole body has adapted to the problem and therefore, the whole body needs evaluation and treatment. At Healthy Arts Physical Therapy our clients learn to correct alignment problems related to their pain. will work with knowledgeable therapists. David H. Crenshaw (PT, CYT, CPI, RYT) and Donna VanBruwaene (PTA) have decades of experience in their fields. will enjoy friendly staff and a comfortable environment. The office atmosphere at Healthy Arts is calm and serene. The focus is on your well-being. will receive the time and attention you need to make real progress. The treatment approach is focused on methods to improve joint problems at their source, not on temporary pain relief measures. A typical session lasts 55 minutes. We'll work to improve joint movement quality, body mechanics, posture, positioning, ergonomics, flexibility and strengthening in key areas. Gentle hands-on mobilization techniques are often used as well.